3 out of 5 jobs are never advertised publicly. And the ones that are…either don’t exist or are filled by internal candidates. So…here is what you can do.

Once a year, I personally coach 9 job seekers (I can’t accept more than this and will return your money once I reach the 9-person cap). Which means… you are under my guidance for THREE months, during which we will determine what kind of organizations would be interested in hiring you; how to find unadvertised positions at those organizations; who to reach out to there; and, what to say to them to get a meeting. And, once you get a meeting with them, how to steer the conversation toward hiring you. And get them to sell themselves on you. Yes, this can be done; I’ll show you how.

Via once-a-month online face-to-face meeting with me on Zoom. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to me via email to get your questions answered.

Unadvertised Job