Career Services Staff

Do you want your students to feel motivated about finding jobs? Explore new career options? Approach career differently? Graduate with jobs in hand? Then…

I’d be happy to offer online, face-to-face workshops based on my personal experiences with regards to the power of diversity (how you can capitalize on your diverse background and experiences to create career opportunities), storytelling (the role of stories in finding unadvertised jobs), and self-belief (how you can land any job with any organization with zero experience under your belt).

“I attended Sharmeen’s workshop in Houston, which was one of the most well-attended events I attended that year. The workshop was extremely hands-on. There was very little foo foo and fluff; we were made to think through everything. I was actually taught how to do what it is that is expected of you, as opposed to simply being told what needs to be done.”~ Zeinab Kachmar, Law School Student, University of Houston

Interested in a session for your students?

Email: concierge[at]thehiddenjob[dot]com.