“What Sharmeen taught me got me an unadvertised job with Viacom.”

~ Diane Cho, Content Editor at Studio M

“When I attended Sharmeen’s workshop, I was at a crossroads in my career. Because of what she taught me, I landed a job in an industry I always wanted to be in.”

~ Kimberly H. Reid Producer, Sound Lounge

“Just one session with Sharmeen and I landed 5 new projects in 14 days.”

~ Skylar King, Emware

Hi – this is Sharmeen!

I show job hopefuls and career service professionals how to find and land unadvertised jobs for themselves and their students, respectively.

This journey started in 2008 – when my husband and I had just graduated from Columbia University with graduate degrees AND a student debt of $250,000. Which we paid off in less than 5 years, thanks to our strategy of ‘thinking out of the box’ and going after unadvertised opportunities.

I knew how to go about it since I had landed my first project, producing a video package for the biggest gathering of world leaders in history, with zero experience under my belt – through a cold call. Right after  completing my filmmaking education from New York University, in 2004.

Later, I shared my process with whoever asked. And created career training programs and conducted personal branding for career development workshops at New York University and the City University of New York.

Based on the success of my students and the job losses some of my friends in Houston experienced as a result of the oil price drop in 2014, I started this company with a mission: I want people to be able to find work whenever and wherever they want — without relying on people and postings.